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I believe in the fundamental premise that you can always improve upon your current level of performance, but what happens is so many people get into the day-to-day aspects of their lives, of their business, and what ends up happening is they’re working in their business every day.

By the time the day ends, they’ve not spent one minute working on their business, and so I want to be able to help them in working on their business, making it better, or at the very least, giving them a financial picture of what their business looks like. I think some of these small business, they don’t even know what their business looks like because they don’t even have time to work on it. They’re working in it, but not on it.


Doug Morris



“The Florist”

I had a florist and there was a storm that came through and it basically shut down his business for a couple weeks, but the way it damaged his business and it cut the power off which caused the plants to die, couldn’t refrigerate them. It was one of those situations where the Small Business Administration had to come out and help businesses and maybe help them with some loans or whatever. He was able to show the reports that I gave him. He was able to show how his period the year before was stronger than the period the following year when that storm came through, and he was able to then get a much lower interest rate on the money that was borrowed from the Small Business Administration to get his business back on track.





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Then I had another guy that when I started doing his accounting and I went by the scene to pick up some things, and the three ring binder that I gave him to put his reports in, I come in there, and he’s holding it like it was a teddy bear saying, “Doug, I love these reports. I love this, man.” I tell you, though, I really want to be more of an advisor. I don’t know how to bill for that. Because I can’t go and sit with them for an hour and really not be able to bill it. If I’m just talking to them, how do you bill that? I don’t think you can, so there’s more I would like to do for the business owner, but the small business owner, they’re limited on their funds, so sometimes unless they position themselves or they express a desire to really build and grow, I think so many business owners are just happy with the status quo and I think it’s going to be incumbent upon me to take a proactive approach, look at their stuff, and say, “Hey, you’ve been running basically the same set of numbers for the last two or three years. You want to grow? Let me help you grow.”



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