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No matter the type of business you run, I can help you understand your accounting & finances to help your company grow!

Everything Financial

Get all your financial needs out of the way. Concentrate on running your business and leave the numbers to me.

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Let me help you understand some of the complicated concepts that can make a huge difference for your business.

Passionate Advising

Have questions? I’m happy to get on the phone with you, any time. Just call me up and we can go over your needs.


“You Can Only Spend a Dollar Once”

I have a very diverse and strong business background after working with a variety of small, medium and large businesses over the years. Unlike a typical accountant, I can help you understand how your accounting decisions will effect the financial health of your business in the long term.

Imagine you just bought a piece of new equipment for your business. It might be useful, but how much will it cost to operate in the longterm? How frequently are you going to use it? What will it generate from a profit standpoint? Will it help you grow?

Something that makes sense for your business might not make sense for your checkbook. I can help you understand these difficult decisions and what they mean for your business.


Kate Ogilvie


“I appreciate the CFOToday system!”

“CFOToday Kate was introduced to me after I was faced with the need for an accountant for my business. I was in need of someone experienced. I needed someone that knew how my business was running and how I was to pay my taxes properly.

I called Kate and she asked me a few questions on what my business demanded, how many checks, and how many bank accounts I have. Kate responded with a price and I began using her in 2012.

Since using Kate, she has guided me through several circumstances that have helped me feel at ease. I had chosen, not only the right accountant, but a business-sensed woman that present issues right away, with my taxes and saved me a lot of money. I soon received three refunds that totaled a lot of money.

I appreciate the CFOToday system! It is very simple for the busy, business man. I would recommend Kate and CFOToday to anyone looking to getting their taxes or books done easily and properly.”

Paul Paretta
Paul the Dent Man, Inc.




Do what you do best, leave numbers to me.

  • Get top quality accounting, payroll and tax services all in the same place.
  • Pay a fixed price every month, no surprise fees or by the hour costs.
  • FREE ADVICE! I’ll make sure you understand how your numbers are going to impact your business.
  • Connect with investors across the nation.

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Kate Ogilvie

Financial Advisor
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Email: kogilvie@cfotoday.com

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