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Most small businesses think of accounting and taxes as chores that just need to get done.

They find someone to manage their books or they waste hours recording receipts, filing their taxes and double checking their monthly expenses. In the beginning, this approach was great for meeting an April 15th deadline, but it didn’t help businesses grow. Bookkeepers, and entrepreneurs could file taxes, but they just didn’t have the knowledge or the experience it took to analyze a financial statement and make decisions that could save a business or leave it in ruins.

Frustrated by this problem, we decided to make a difference. CFOToday was started with a simple idea:

It should be easy for small business owners to handle and understand their finances.

Now, after 30 years, CFOToday has nearly 5,000 clients in the United States and Canada and our advisors continue to practice with our founder’s key initiatives. We recognize that a lot has changed in the 21st Century, especially in the tax and accounting world, and so have we.

By combining the original CFOToday concepts with modernized, and exclusive cutting edge technologies, we are able to deliver more value for small business, and entrepreneurs than ever before!

CFOToday Advisors are small business specialists who cover all of your financial needs, analyze your business and talk to you one to one about how you can improve your business and lower your taxes. And, if you have a question about your finances or just want to get something off your chest, we’re always here to talk.

That’s what it means to be a real advisor, a trusted advisor, the Entrepreneur’s CFO.

Our passion is and always has been helping small businesses.

We’d be honored if you would consider us for your financial needs.

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